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  • Here Comes The Sun
  • I Am The Walrus
  • Oh Darling
  • Rain
  • Something

D’Amico Drums announces the launch of a new project that attempts to transcribe the drum parts of Ringo Star. The project, entitled Charting Ringo, will focus on creating transcriptions that have been developed through intense study and investigation of Ringo’s drumming.

On Charting Ringo, Gene D'Amico, Jeff Olson and Nicola Marangon worked to  transcribe the parts that Ringo played on some of the Beatles records. The transcriptions document, for instructional purposes, the sticking and drum selection on each song as closely as possible. Painstaking research of videos, audio and printed material about the various recordings was used to develop the transcriptions. Our hope is that drummers interested in how Ringo played the drums will benefit by our documentation efforts.

Each video on the youtube channel has several camera angles to help capture the sticking and instruct the viewer, beat by beat. In some cases the video is slower than the actual song was played in order to highlight certain aspects of RIngo's left handed drumming.

We hope you enjoy the videos and further hope you'll purchase and download the transcriptions.