Drum Sets

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    • Hand painted finishes of the highest quality
    • Lustrous hand polished look with up to 20 thin layers for deep reflection
    • Colorful wood stains with lacquer, solid colors and specialty lacquers such as
      sparkles, diamond swirls and pearlescents.
    • Lugs are patented and made in America with our unique design
    • Beautiful, long lasting polished chrome finish
    • Springless design
    • Built in tension rod lock for accurate and consistent tuning
    • 100% New England hard rock maple
    • Thin shell construction for projection and resonance
    • 6-Ply Toms, 8-ply bass drums and 10-ply snares
BlueDiamond Swirl Finish available in black, red, purple and greenSunburst Fade FinishClear Hi Gloss finish Blue Fade Finish available in a variety of colors

A few of the many finishes available. Click the photo for a larger view

Chartreuse Sparkle Mahogany StainGreen Diamond SwirlStratosphere Blue Sparkle